I learned how to let you go


I can assure you that there is nothing material that can make your life exciting when you suddenly miss something that didn’t give you a chance to prepare yourself in a slow process when you suddenly miss someone who you care for the most.
Sitting on my bed… TV, cell phone, and laptop are some of the electronics I normally turned off at night before falling asleep. This time none of these matters, because all I know is that I miss someone like you.
Someone who normally brought tears to my eyes not of sadness but tears of laughter we have for simple things we love.
A simple joy of just having someone by your side each time the darkness arrived. I hate feeling alone each time I hear our favorite love songs.
I am totally lost without you but there is nothing I can do because GOD knows what is the best for you and because I love you I learned how to let you go even if my heart belongs to you.