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Vision of Peace

Love and peace

I am a man who has seen people of the world, people of all color, creed, class, age, sex and nationality, and the only thing different about us is our vision of peace.

Everyone struggles through life….For some its hunger, for some its poverty, and for some its politics, but no matter what it is they all agreed on one thing, we need to listen and understand each other before we can help each other.

If this is done the world would be just fine…Our personal views make us see things differently, that’s how we start hating and having enemies. It takes a brave person to face an enemy head on. It takes a strong person to fight an enemy until their point is valid to the enemy.

But a person armed with love, open ears and a true sense of peace can change the darkest of enemies given the chance.


About Fábio Da Ponte

I hope to cover the entire field of culinary history, the culinary professions, gastronomy, the history of domestic life and management, and the role of food in history and culture.

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