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herbed chicken & pancetta meatballs with black pepper parmesan polenta squares (and why you can + should grind your own chicken)

How was your New Year’s Eve? Was it wild and crazy? Chock full of bubbly, a fancy new dress, and wee-morning-hour bedtimes? Or was it far more tame? Spent at home in sweatpants, with your husband/boyfriend/kids/cats, and perhaps with a few plastic delivery containers of Pad Thai and pork dumplings? …

Source: herbed chicken & pancetta meatballs with black pepper parmesan polenta squares (and why you can + should grind your own chicken)

Wishing Away

I hope she has the chance.
To tell you how she feels.

I hope she has the power.
To lead you from the glass.

I hope she has the strength.
To stay when you get rough.

I hope, I hope, I hope it.

(While I pray for another chance)

I wish your face lights up.
When she enters your sight.

I wish that she is used to life.
With your hand in the cookie jar.

I wish that she finds kindness.
When you stray another time.

I wish, I wish, I wish it all.

I learned how to let you go


I can assure you that there is nothing material that can make your life exciting when you suddenly miss something that didn’t give you a chance to prepare yourself in a slow process when you suddenly miss someone who you care for the most.
Sitting on my bed… TV, cell phone, and laptop are some of the electronics I normally turned off at night before falling asleep. This time none of these matters, because all I know is that I miss someone like you.
Someone who normally brought tears to my eyes not of sadness but tears of laughter we have for simple things we love.
A simple joy of just having someone by your side each time the darkness arrived. I hate feeling alone each time I hear our favorite love songs.
I am totally lost without you but there is nothing I can do because GOD knows what is the best for you and because I love you I learned how to let you go even if my heart belongs to you.

Falling in Love with a Mask


It’s ironic to fall in love with a mask
It’s strange to fall in love with a stranger

I don’t think if you will understand
the passion which grow deep in my heart

My mind keeps warning me to keep away
But my stubborn heart loves the pain

So many decisions to make
but that will be the hardest that I’m afraid to regret

So, it is ironic to fall in love with a mask
but I realize that I can’t stop falling in love with a mask

Vision of Peace

Love and peace

I am a man who has seen people of the world, people of all color, creed, class, age, sex and nationality, and the only thing different about us is our vision of peace.

Everyone struggles through life….For some its hunger, for some its poverty, and for some its politics, but no matter what it is they all agreed on one thing, we need to listen and understand each other before we can help each other.

If this is done the world would be just fine…Our personal views make us see things differently, that’s how we start hating and having enemies. It takes a brave person to face an enemy head on. It takes a strong person to fight an enemy until their point is valid to the enemy.

But a person armed with love, open ears and a true sense of peace can change the darkest of enemies given the chance.

Thinking about food helps you to eat less.



If you’re dreaming about that cream cake in the fridge, keep it in mind just a little longer.

For thinking about food before you sit down for a meal can help you lose weight.

Researchers found that remembering previous meals that were delicious and filling can lead to us eating smaller portions – and ultimately enjoying trimmer waistlines.

And it seems concentration is key to healthy eating, because the researchers also found being distracted while eating could lead to you piling on the pounds.

This is because we lose track of how much we have eaten and tend to eat more than we need if we are not focused solely on our plate of food.

After analysing previous studies, the researchers found that  techniques such as writing down previous meals and using visual reminders of previous meals, such as keeping food wrappers, were associated with a reduction in meal sizes.

Lead researcher Dr Eric Robinson, from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society based at Liverpool University, said: ‘Our research could be developed as a new strategy to reduce the need for calorie-controlled dieting.’

He added that more work was needed to establish how the techniques might affect people who are overweight because the studies they looked at involved adults of a healthy weight.

Researchers have now developed a smartphone app, which is currently being trialled on overweight and obese people, to see if awareness of consumption can lead to weight loss.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The research also found being distracted when eating a meal leads to increased consumption of the immediate meal but has even more of an effect on later eating.

Distractions – which also include listening to the radio or music or reading a newspaper at the dinner table – affects awareness of the food they are eating and results in over-consumption.

Dr Robinson said: ‘People who are distracted while they eat appear to pay less attention to what they have eaten.

‘If you remind people of what they have eaten throughout the day it helps them to feel more fulfilled and less hungry because people’s awareness of food effects what they eat.

‘Watching TV while eating has long been associated with weight gain but people just assumed that it was because these people did not exercise.

‘When they are watching TV they are distracted by what is on the screen and not paying attention to what they are eating.

‘We know that our theory works in practice, in studies.

‘The results were so striking that we wanted to test them in real life situations. That is why we have developed an App to be used by overweight and obese people. This will remind them what they have eaten throughout the day.

‘This is ongoing at the moment so we will have to see what happens.’